Thursday, 20 February 2014

Fruit Rock Mix from LollyTalk! Customized rock candy will never be the same again, made using award winning recipe, handcrafted with Love and served with Passion!!!!

LollyTalk's Fruit Rock Mix at 68 Orchard Road, Plaza Singapura B2-20! Rock Candy handmade with awarding winning recipe, handcrafted with love and served with passion!

Do you know some trivia facts about LollyTalk's Fruit Rock Mix?….
1. LollyTalk's fruit rock mix consist of 19 flavours. And it consist of a mixture of 19 natural fruit extracts and flavourings.

2. LollyTalk are trained by two Aussie Masters Ross and Judy who won Gold Medal for their Fruit Rock Mix among all the rock candy makers in Australia (during the 2009 Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards). Ross and Judy also won the title Grand Champion Rock Candy during that year too. LollyTalk is the only rock candy maker in Singapore making lolly using this award winning recipe from Ross and Judy.

3. The design of these lolly in the fruit rock mix haven't really changes much since the founder of Aussie-style Rock Candy started them. LollyTalk are trained by Ross and Judy, who both were trained by the original founder of Aussie-style rock candy! Over at LollyTalk, we are proud to say we are the authentic third generation of lolly maker! Others might try to look like us, but they will never taste anything near to ours!

4. Our fruit rock mix comes in different packaging with different sizes! Partial mix are available from 30gram onwards!

5. All LollyTalk's lollies are made using Halal certified ingredients and all our facilities doesn't make any food that are non-halal since day one we open. We don't use animal parts or eggs, our lollies are all vegetarian friendly too. Our facilities doesn't make nuts products. Our product doesn't contain milk product, no alcohol, no liquor and no gelatine.

6. All the lolly are handmade with love and passion!

Do visit LollyTalk at 68 Orchard Road, Plaza Singapura B2-20 to enjoy the complete lolly shopping experience everyone being talking about! And LIKE LollyTalk Facebook page to keep you posted of all the latest happenings!!!

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LollyTalk provides a wide range of customisation and personalisation of candy/lolly with packagings that will suits your requirements and needs.
Customized Candy/ Personalized lolly/ Wedding Favours/ Lettering Candy/ Handmade Rock Candy
Corporate events/ Roadshow giveaways/ Staff benefits/ Seminar Door Gifts.
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