Tuesday, 25 February 2014

LollyTalk lollies suitable to add in with your customised wedding favours to form an interesting mixture of candy!!!

LollyTalk offers you a wide range of ready made lollies to be added to your customized wedding candy with your names to form the ideal wedding favours!

You can always choose the ready made lollies based on suitable colours or flavours to compliments the lollies you might have already customised to form that perfect mix!

LollyTalk provides a wide range of customisation and personalisation of candy/lolly with packagings that will suits your requirements and needs.
Customized Candy/ Personalized lolly/ Wedding Favours/ Lettering Candy/ Handmade Rock Candy
Corporate events/ Roadshow giveaways/ Staff benefits/ Seminar Door Gifts.
For more photos of various lollies, check it out via our Facebook.

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