Sunday, 2 March 2014

LollyTalk Acquired Taste Collection...

Every since LollyTalk launched the Acquired Taste Collection in April 2013, we have received many positive feedbacks from our fans! LollyTalk have revolutionise how rock candy taste.
With interesting flavour such as Chilli Lime, Spicy Mango, Plum Guava, we have launched a series of flavour uniquely to LollyTalk. We have also creatively used ingredients such as fruits (real apple/cranberry/lemon), menthol 
crystal as well as pure honey in the making of our Acquired Taste Collection hence the launch of our Apple Cranberry, Menthol Grape, Honey Lemon as well as our Menthol Honey Lemon.

With these efforts, LollyTalk clearly sets a new standard on how rock candy should taste. Rock Candy lovers are given a new awakening!!

Although being a 100% Singapore brand, we never fail to give credit back to who taught us. It is always our belief that no matter how successful we are, we should never forget the one who taught us. Ross and Judy, the Grand Champion Rock Candy (title given by Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards during 2009), have generously, without reserved, taught and given us their unique recipe for their Chilli Lime which therefore inspire the best out of LollyTalk Acquired Taste Collection. It is also a collective effort of fine tuning with them at LollyTalk during early start of 2013 which give this Acquired Taste Collection a truly global touch yet uniquely Asian flavour... perfected for the local taste buds as well as well received by fans from all over the world while we staying true to its original award winning recipe from Ross and Judy.
Some trivia facts about LollyTalk lollies you should know...

If you haven't try THE Original Acquired Taste Collection, you should come to LollyTalk at Plaza Singapura B2-20.
Come and immerse yourself in a complete lolly shopping experience everyone is talking about. Come and meet our mascot ROCKY as well as shop to the beat of our theme song "Lolly Love". Sample our lollies. Once you tried a LollyTalk handmade lolly, you will never want to compromise your rock candy with anything else.
Others might try to looks like us, but they will never taste the same as LollyTalk

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