Friday, 12 September 2014

Children's Day Special... by LollyTalk... Singapore Customized Handmade Rock Candy....

For this coming Children’s Day, Pre-order your Lolly Mix with LollyTalk NOW and get FREE personalized sticker label! Follow our Facebook page as we update you the forming of our upcoming Children’s Day Mix too.

For a limited time from now till further noticed, early bird enjoy a free personalised 32mm round sticker label* for Children’s Day Lolly Mix (or selected range of other mixes available such as Exam Mix, Rainbow Mix, Thumbs Up Mix) with orders above S$50 purchases, make confirmation now, and to be collected before 26th Sept**
For pre-orders, please email us at for enquiries!!!

References to sticker label template available…

* Free sticker labels are based on a series of templates to insert your name. No additional messages and no modification of templates allowed. There will not be any checking of artwork due to volume of orders we process daily. We will try our very best to be as accurate as possible, but if mistake occurs, we will be replaced with generic Children’s Day Sticker Label.

**Offers might varies nearer to Children’s Day or end anytime without notice, only orders that are fully paid is considered confirmed and ready for collection before 26th Sept 2014. Starting date of the collection to be advised (via email) when stocks are available or when early bird promotion ends.

** Pre-order does not entitle to any loyalty stamp.

Management reserve the rights to change the terms and conditions for the early bird pre-order promotion.

Selected Mixes Available within this pre-order promotion…
1. Children’s Day Lolly Mix

2. Rainbow Lolly Mix

3. Thumbs Up Mix

4. Exam Mix
Children’s Day Mix will be available in these sizes on the shelves nearer to Children’s Day!
Super Mini Pack S$0.90
30g glass bottle S$2.90
40g glass bottle S$3.70
70g Ziplock pack S$4.30
70g glass bottle S$5.30
130g glass bottle S$8.90
200g plastic bottle S$9.90

During Pre-order stage, Children’s Day Mix and the above selected mixes will be sold in various corporate sizes!***
20g ziplock pack S$1.80
30g ziplock pack S$2.40
40g ziplock pack S$3.10
Reference photo on how the corporate sizes looks like…

*** For the corporate sizes, purchases need to be above S$50. No Mixing of sizes and Lolly Mixes allowed. One selection and one size.

Special requests on customization of the lolly, personalised packaging & designed sticker labels apart from the mentioned promotion are also welcomed for School's event. Email us at
For more case studies, please read these...

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